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To achieve bizSAFE Level 3, the enterprise must implement the Risk Management Plan. Upon implementation of the plan, SC2, as an approved independent auditor will access and evaluate your Risk Management Plan according to Workplace Safety & Health (Risk Management) Regulations.

There are eight items covered under Risk Management Audit:

  1. Risk Assessment Team
  2. Information gathering (e.g. legislation, standards, manufacturers’ specification)
  3. Risk Assessment
    • Identify hazards
    • Evaluate risks
    • Establish control measures (Hierarchy of control)
  4. Records of Risk Assessment with management endorsement
  5. Implementation of Control Measures (Action Plan)
    • What, When/How Often, Who
  6. Monitoring on the above implementation for controlling risks
  7. Communication (hazards, risks, control measures, e.g. safe work procedures)
  8. Review of Risk Management Plan and Risk Assessment
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