Safety & Health Management System (SS679) Audit is for construction projects with contract sum below $30 million.

WSH Management System


The workplace safety and health policy is to set down in clear and unambiguous terms the occupier’s approach and commitment to prevent injury and ill health


To determine and assess safety and health risk, establish objectives and processes to deliver the results in accordance with the policy.

Implementation & Operation

To implement the processes as planned

Checking & Corrective Action

Monitor and measure activities and processes with regard to the policy and objectives. Take actions to continually improve the performance to achieve the intended outcome.

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Policy Planning Implementation & Operation Checking and Corrective Action

Element 1: WSH Policy

Element 2: Responsibility and authority of organisation

Element 3: Risk management

Element 4: Competence, Training and Awareness

Element 5: Group Meetings

Element 6: Safety and health promotion, communication and participation

Element 7: Safe Work Procedures

Element 8: Evaluation, Selection and Control of sub-contractors

Element 9: Maintenance of Plants, Machinery, Equipment and Hand Tool

Element 10: Management of Hazardous Substances

Element 11: Workplace Health Programmes

Element 12: Emergency Preparedness and Response

Element 13: WSH Inspections

Element 14: In-house Safety Rules and Regulations

Element 15: Internal Review for Continual Improvement

Element 16: Incident Investigation and Analysis